I am a SAHM (the acronym is so much cooler than writing it out), of two very beautiful, wonderful (of course) little girls.  And I happen to have a wonderful, and patient husband – who, fortunately, believes in accepting my eccentricities, whether he understands them or not.

I may very well be the luckiest person on the planet.

I’ve also been told that I have a somewhat off-kilter view of the world.  Hm.

I came to the decision one day that if I was going to be a SAHM, then I was going to be good at it.  But what, in the name of Doctor Spock, does that mean, exactly?  Combine that with the omnipresent question of “Why” from my two little ones.

Thus was born the mommy rule book.  Mostly just for fun, it’s my way to explore the philosophy of this adventure of parenthood.


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